Tuesday, 10 December 2013

CALL FOR POSTERS: The impact of cross-disciplinary conservation on social development

The impact of cross-disciplinary conservation on social development
A two-day conference to be held at the UCL Institute of Archaeology,
16th-17th May 2014


A two-day conference is being organized by the Conservation and Development Research Network (University College London), in collaboration with the Heritage Conservation and Human Rights Network (University of Nairobi) and the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage (University of Delaware).

This conference will explore the impact of conservation ethics and practices on socio-cultural, economic and ecological contexts in need of development, areas of post-conflict recovery and reconstruction due to natural disasters.  Conservation decision-making processes are influenced by local, national and international socio-economic factors and their associated contexts. Conversely, conservation can also significantly affect socio-economic development and lead to improvements in people’s lives. Understanding layers of history, values, how they are shaped, their contexts, motivations, and their impact form the fundamental basis for effective decision-making processes in conservation today. The main purpose is to stimulate lasting discussion (within heritage conservation, the broader field of heritage, and nature conservation) on how the practice of conservation can promote human wellbeing and economic prosperity, support conflict or disaster recovery, and foster social cohesion.
Poster submissions are invited in the following areas:
  • The impact of the practice of conservation on people’s wellbeing and quality of life 
  • Engagement of local groups in re-construction and/or development through the practice of conservation.
  • Cross-disciplinary collaborations between professionals involved in heritage and nature conservation (in both practical and theoretical levels).
  • Research on and use of locally produced resources to replace expensive imported treatment materials.  
  • Practical issues of conservation in the field, focusing on involvement/training of local people.
  • Theoretical and practical approaches that make the practice of conservation sustainable.
A limited number of posters on these themes will be displayed on the first day of the conference, including an evening reception when poster presenters will have the opportunity to discuss their work with other conference attendees.

Poster abstracts:
Poster abstracts, in English and maximum 500 words, should be submitted to conservationucl@gmail.com by January 15th, 2014. Abstracts should contain the main aims of the poster, a summary discussion of the topic and main conclusions.  
For more information contact conservationucl@gmail.com

This conference is the winner of the Institute of Archaeology's 2013 Conference Competition and part of the UCL Grand Challenges, Intercultural Interaction


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