Friday, 28 November 2014

Building Foundations – Building A New Culture For Building Craft Education and Industry

With the recent economic downturn, an increased focus on the trades and trade education has been espoused by government and societal leaders. How have educational providers responded to these calls for a greater trained workforce in traditional crafts? What can educators, institutions, government agencies and non-profits learn from their counterparts’ experiences? What are the platforms and pathways that can be and are being created today that will lead craft education in the future?

The goal of this conference is to create an environment for collaborative exchanges between educational providers, institutions/organizations, government and industry and to permit educational providers to build greater partnerships with their peers. Abstracts and panel discussion proposals are currently being accepted for the following themes:

Defining Pathways for Trades Education in the 21st Century

Industry, business and higher education
Craft practitioners, teacher and the public
Potential for development of skills exchange, and partnership efforts
Collaboration on community, regional, national and international levels
Building a new culture for building craft education and industry
Finding and Remembering the Reasons for Building Craft
This conference is designed to build on the collaborative learning set

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