Wednesday, 11 February 2015

UCL Conservation visit to the British Museum's World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre

Conservation students and staff from the UCL Institute of Archaeology spent yesterday's afternoon visiting the British Museum's World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre. 

It was a busy and very exciting afternoon. We visited Ceramics & Glass, Metals, Organics, the Archaeological Suite, Paper, and the Hirayama Studio. The studios have just been installed in the new building (except for Hirayama that has been there since 1994).  Really amazing facilities! All the conservation labs are above ground level, with lots of natural light and beautiful Bloomsbury views. It was wonderful to see the work our BM colleagues are doing. It was also great to see many of our former students in action! Many thanks from all of us at UCL! 
Our hosts also provided access to Science - in the basement. 

And here are some of the UCL visitors waiting for the wonderful Jordina to pick them up at the  Court  Restaurant. Below you can see us waiting for the lift to go from the Organics Lab to the Science Labs (see wonderful Bloomsbury in the background). People: Angeliki, Kathy, Eli, Maddie, Eri, Cuong, Young, Jan, Alicia, Cyril, Rafie, Jamie, Lisa, Elina, and  Renata (not in the pics, we didn't have a selfie stick!). 

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