Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Challenges of Preserving 20th Century Military Remains

Littered with the remains of defensive 20th Century military sites, the UK faces the dilemma of allocating precious conservation resources. Focusing on physical remnants fails to recognize that the true value resides in the people who used those sites, why and how they used them, and the people visiting today. By creating a conservation environment to engage people in those narratives, we can offer a resource for learning and informing our decisions in relation to future potential military conflicts.

This post refers to coursework done for ARCLG141 (2015-16), one of the core courses of the UCL MA  Principles of Conservation. As part of their assessed work for this course, students were asked to design and produce a poster communicating specific aspects of conservation. We hope you enjoy our work! Comments are most welcome.

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