Friday, 2 September 2016

Indigenous collections discussed at the IIC Conference in Los Angeles (12 - 16 September 2016)

At least 5 papers at the upcoming IIC Conference in Los Angeles (12 - 16 September 2016) relate to indigenous collections and/or ethnography. The presentations take place in the morning of Friday 16 September - during the session 'Exploring Commonality: contemporary art and ethnographic collections'. Here are the titles and authors. Drop by if you are around LA. Note that you can pay for one day only!
  • Stigter, Sanneke; Autoethnography as a new approach in conservation
  • Lane, Robert Lazarus; Wdowin-McGregor, Jessye; This is so Contemporary? Mediums of exchange and conservation
  • Henderson, Melinda Jane Tomerlin; Nakamoto, Tanya; Dialogue in conservation decision-making
  • McHugh, Kelly; Gunnison, Anne; Finding common ground and inherent differences: Artist and community engagement in cultural material and contemporary art conservation
  • Peters, Renata F.; The parallel paths of conservation of contemporary art and indigenous collections
  • Hornbeck, Stephanie E.; Moffett, Dana L.; Altered surfaces, taking the long view: Applications of ethnographic conservation practices to the conservation of contemporary art
Click here to see the full programme.

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