Saturday, 7 May 2011


Two weeks ago I visited the Netherlands with a friend, so of course I had to show her the RMO - Rijksmuseum van Oudheden' (translation: Dutch National Museum of Antiquities). They had a statue in the museum of Nehalennia, a Romanised Celtic/German goddess (see first image).

We also went to Archeon, which is an archaeological themepark that I love to visit. I'm not overly fond of reconstructions (to put it mildly), but I do love replicas! At Archeon they had made a replica of both the temple (let's not talk about the "accuracy" of that one) that was dedicated to the goddess and a replica of the statue that is currently situated in the RMO (See second image).

What bothers me about the replica is that I have no idea how accurate it is, as Archeon offered no information about its creation. As you can see in the first image, some parts of the original statue were missing. I know that the replica was made by taking other images/statues of Nehalennia into account. So the basket that the replica is holding is based on a votive stone and an altar stone of the goddess, both in which she held a basket with apples. But I have no idea how they decided what colours to use on the statue! The statue was recovered from the sea, so I highly doubt that there was still paint left on it. Or if there was, the RMO failed to mention this to the audience in the exhibition in the museum.

Free tip of the day: I you go to the RMO and you study at any archaeological faculty, show your student ID card and you'll gain free entrance! This doesn't work for non-archaeology students and they don't advertise this information, so you'll have to ask for your "discount" at the counter. It's worth keeping in mind though, because otherwise you'll have to pay the normal adult rate, which is 9 euros.

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