Tuesday, 24 April 2012

ERS: Emergency Response and Salvage

A new application, ERS: Emergency Response and Salvage,  has been released for the iPhone. Developed by NCPTT and Heritage Preservation, it is based on the Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel, a tool that outlines the critical stages of disaster response and provides practical tips for different types of collections. This app let considers not only general information, but specific information regarding different material types.



  1. This is really interesting. The recommendations on the demo you posted are quite good. This means we should never go anywhere without our phones! Do you know how much this costs?

    1. It's a free app. You can download it via iTunes.

  2. This certainly looks like a convenient app! Very user friendly and understandable. Have you tried it out yourself? If so, what is your opinion of it?

    It's a pity though that it's so exclusive and that you can only run this on your Iphone/Ipod/Ipad (which I don't have...). I tried finding out if there was a way to convert the program so I could run it on my laptop, but unfortunately couldn't find anything.

    It would be brilliant if some techie could find a way to run this on a computer, or maybe convert it onto a Google Chrome app!

  3. Free is good. I don't own an iphone though, nor do I plan to get one. But it is a good idea anyway, it looks very handy.

  4. I will actually look into seeing if I can have one of my tech friends convert this to a multi-platform friendly programme. However, since it's based on the Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel, a closely related paper version should be available!

  5. Here is a presentation by an entrepreneur who built an app for improved emergency response after his own brush with death: http://www.mobilecastmedia.com/2012/05/video-after-heart-attack-victim-builds-app-for-improved-emergency-response/


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