Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chinese artefacts stolen from UK museums

Some of the artefacts stolen from the Fitzwilliam Museum

The Telegraph reports that 18 Chinese artefacts were stolen from the Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge University) last week. This is the second of such thefts this month - the Oriental Museum (Durham University) was  hit two weeks ago. What is going on? If you see these artefacts, call the police! 

Jade bowl stolen from the Oriental Museum


  1. The two objects from the Durham museum have fortunately been recovered!

    I wonder though if we will ever learn more about the reasons for this theft. The article said that the police suspects that they were stolen to order...
    Do you think the culprits will reveal who placed the order with them?

  2. Great to know they found the objects. I haven't heard much about this or the other theft though. I am sure the police are still working on this. As to the culprits, who knows! Let's hope so.


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