Tuesday, 10 July 2012

14th July: Archaeology Day

Trying to make the most of the little
money we got this year, Craig Spence
decided to re-use last year's poster.
This Saturday the 14th of July 2012 the Archaeology Field School from Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln will host an Archaeology Day to introduce this year's archaeological site to the public.

During the previous years this event always turned into a great spectacle, mainly due to the involvement of enthusiastic volunteers. The Archaeology Day usually featured historical reenactments (with gladiators, Romans and Medieval merchants), workshops (recognizing bones, creating mosaics, Roman cooking), a tour around the archaeological site, as well as an introduction to the finds that have been found on site.
Everyone with an interest in archaeology is most welcome at
Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln Campus.

This year however, due to budget cuts imposed by the college, most events had to be scrapped leaving only the tour of the archaeological site and the introduction to the finds (although truth be told, Gluteus Maximus might still show up sometime during the day).

Don't let that discourage you from paying the site a visit though, if you're in the neighbourhood! We have some exciting archaeology on the site, including the remains of possibly Medieval merchant houses and Roman public buildings (likely an inn?). And, as I will be helping out with the finds, I will be sure to point out some very handsome and interesting bits and pieces to you. Furthermore, if the weather permits it, you might actually get to see the archaeologists and the international archaeology students in action on the site, uncovering Lincoln's rich history right in front of your nose!

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