Saturday, 17 November 2012

Balancing the intangible by E B

Balancing the intangible by E B is the first of a series of posters designed by students of the course Principles of Conservation to be posted here. Principles of Conservation is one of the core courses of the UCL-Q MSc in Conservation Studies, taught by R Peters in Doha.  We will be posting other posters here soon. Watch this space!  ffff

Abstract: The intent of this poster is to present the recent changes in methodology and perspective within the conservation profession. While classical conservation has tended to concern itself with the object and material components of an ethnographic object, the field is changing to accommodate interests in a collaborative and dynamic process with authority given to the living cultures from which the objects originated. Particular focus here is given to the living, intangible and sacred cultural heritage of North American Native and Indigenous peoples.
Target Audience: Museum visitors, with a specific emphasis toward those who might be considered amateur ethnographers as well as undergraduate students of museology and conservation.

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