Saturday, 17 November 2012

#Twinkierevolution by J F Ellis

#Twinkierevolution by J F Ellis is the last of a series of conservation posters designed by UCL/Q Principles of Conservation students to be posted here. 'Principles' is one of the core courses of the UCL/Q MSc Conservation Studies, coordinated/taught by me in Doha. Each poster explored a specific conservation issue and tailored it to the targeted audience. The posters were accompanied by a paper where the same issues were explored in more depth. Unfortunately you will only have access to the posters!  But watch this space and you will certainly know more about the amazing work these conservation students are doing!
You can see all the posters in this blog by scrolling the page down or on our UCL page

#Twinkierevolution by J F Ellis
Abstract: social media is a dynamic force manifested into a tool of modern expression, both politically and personally across the Middle East. What follows shows how this force can play a large part in the development of Middle Eastern views toward the conservation of cultural heritage. By examining stereotypes of terminology, their contemporary origins, and definitions against regional understandings we can find new methods for public outreach within the cultural heritage sector. New uses of technology have given the most marginalized groups in the region a voice. Why can't it give objects a voice as well?
Target: Geared towards issues of interest to both conservators and cultural heritage museum professionals of the Middle East and beyond. This poster can also be a tool to educate people outside these realms and hopes to spark interest in the cultural heritage sector.

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