Friday, 4 January 2013

Save the Acacus. World Heritage Site in Danger, by K W

The Acacus is a World Heritage Site in South-West Libya on the Algerian border.  It is remote, wild and beautiful and it has ancient rock art – paintings and engravings – which are being lost because of vandalism, uncontrolled tourism and the effects of the oil industry. This poster is a plea to do something soon to protect this unique environment and its important cultural heritage before it is lost forever.

My thanks go to Dr Hafed Walda, who kindly supplied the photographs, and Dr Peter Howard, for granting permission to reproduce his map.

Target Audience

The target audience are UNESCO and the Libyan Government.  The reasons this audience was chosen is because they have the power to protect this heritage.  There is an urgent need to conserve the art of this area which is under threat from so many different quarters.  Without urgent help we may lose some of this unique cultural heritage.

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