Monday, 24 August 2015

The flow & control of conservation knowledge in the UK

What consists conservation knowledge? How should it be handled and passed on?

Please participate in this survey if you would like to help answering these questions. The survey will feed into an investigation exploring the day-to-day practice of conservation through the lens of knowledge management theories.

The impact and evolution of technology has opened up the profession, brought new ways of looking at cultural objects and fast-tracked the ability to generate knowledge and share with more varied stakeholders amongst other.

With the help of your input, the researcher hopes to corroborate practice with the literature reviewed, and distil the desired work environment aspects and priorities pertinent to the conservation profession in the UK. The findings will also contribute to the thinking of extant frameworks such as ConservationSpace initiative for managing documents to improve local knowledge flows.
The information is part of a 15,000 word dissertation towards the MA in Principles of Conservation at UCL.

Please feel free to contact the researcher at any time about the survey at bronte.charles.11[at]

See the survey here.

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  1. I’ve never thought about the conservation knowledge before, even did not think that it exist. Very nice article, I should say. In the university we spoke about the conservation of culture, I understand that it is quite a different topic but still very interesting)
    If you want I can tell more about it.


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