Sunday, 23 August 2015

We also have a lot of fun at Olduvai Gorge: a few moments from the 2015 season

Every year the team gets together on 17th July to celebrate Mary and Louis Leakey's discovery of Zinjanthropus boisei at FLK in 1959. We call it the Zinj party. Here are a few shots.  

Still at the Leakey Camp. The party usually starts here, with Maasai songs and dancing. 
The Maasai arrive at FLK for the Zinj party. The best dancing and singing you can ever wish for. 
At FLK, during the Zinj party. 

But we should have started by the beginning! When we actually arrived in Olduvai in early July 2015:

Arriving in the Ngorongoro Conservation area.
That is what you look like when you see your first giraffes! 
The conservation team kept growing all the time.

Visit to Isack's Boma. 
When visiting Isack's Boma we were welcomed by our Maasai friends. 

Besides learning about Maasai culture we also had time to catch up. 
Afterwards, some of our lady friends  walked to their Bomas, which were nearby.

There were giraffes on the way back to the camp... 

It was time for dinner! 
This elephant came out and about to say goodbye when we left Ngorongoro. 
Just another stunning sunset at Olduvai. We hope to see it again soon! 

All images by Renata F. Peters. Please do not use without permission. 
Asante sana!

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  1. Wow! Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing! Are these costumes to some folk holiday or is this really their clothes?


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