Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Do you know how to choose your gloves?

Handling session at the Festival of British Archaeology at the UCL
Institute of Archaeology. Photo by C. Frearson 2010. 

If you are not sure you should look at the new 0 Gram leaflets, published by the U.S. National Park Service Museum Management Program. The new items also include basic guidelines on how to identify plastics. 

Latest leaflets: 

      How To Select Gloves: An Overview For Collections Staff
      Care and Identification of Objects Made from Plastic
      Preparing and Storing Geological Drill Cores
      Digital Storage Media


  1. Another reason to wear gloves that I give when I explain "ethnographic" conservation to the public is "to better respect the objects", as in French we have a saying "to put gloves on" to mean "to be careful".
    Putting gloves on is also a mean (to me) to be in a more respectful mind-frame, especially when dealing with objects from a different culture than our own, or with sensitive/ sacred/ secret Objects..
    Conservator at the Museum of New Caledonia

  2. Thanks, Marianne. The parallel with the French expression is indeed very interesting!


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