Saturday, 11 December 2010

Link to Gedley Belchior Braga's article on Brandi's Theory of Restoration

My first contribution for this blog is the link of my article [the full text is available in Portuguese, only, but the abstract can help a little - if someone wants to translate to English it would be very good] :
BRAGA, G.B. “Brandi Theory of Restoration”: an approach to artistic, archaeological and ethnographic objects. Rev. do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia, São Paulo, 15-16: 337-346, 2005-2006.
ABSTRACT: The Brandi restoration theory was written based on two fundamental principles applied specifically to the work of art, an object that is submitted on an exception critical judgment point of view among all the others objects produced by the human being. The contemporary art put in doubt all the possibilities of definition about what is a work of art. This article, beyond the discussion about the contemporary artistic context, tries to verify the possibility of applying this theory to the use of the word “restoration” for archaeological and ethnographic objects within the museological context, in the same perspective of the work of art.
UNITERMOS: Conservation and restoration of archaeological and ethnographic objects – Theory of restoration – Contemporary art, archaeology and ethnology

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