Wednesday, 15 December 2010

National Conservation Centre shuts doors to public

National Conservation Centre shuts doors to public


Public access to Conservation Centre to close

"Liverpool’s National Conservation Centre will close to visitors as a result of government cuts. The city centre venue will close at 5pm on Friday 17 December.

National Museums Liverpool, which is funded by central government, received a 15% cut to its budget in October. This was on top of a 3.5% earlier this year. Managers have been working to maintain its world class venues and safeguard jobs as much as possible.

After reviewing costs of managing all our buildings, it is no longer possible to afford to keep the National Conservation Centre open as a visitor attraction."

Peter, Cultural Policy Advisor, Canterbury City Council (MA Member), says:
"Such a shame, the National Conservation Centre was one of those truly original museums, that not only did (does) a brilliant job, but also gives visitors a great insight into the long term objectives of museums, and specifically collections managers and conservationists - the usually unsung heroes of the museum world..."

Any thoughts/comments?


  1. This is utterly sad and shows conservation is always "in risk"! One more reason for us to be more consistent in getting our message out there. We have to show people that conservation is essential!

  2. I too am very sad that this centre has shut. I have visited it several times as Liverpool is my home town, and the centre's exhibition is interesting, informative and well presented. Unfortunately, there were very few visitors whenever I was there and the main exhibition didn't change at all. Although the Conservation Centre is near the main museums/civic buildings, I think the cultural focus of the city has moved towards to river and Albert Dock and that is where most 'out of town' visitors now concentrate their time. There are many tourist attractions in Liverpool vying for people's attention and I suspect the Conservation Centre has found it difficult to compete. Thinking also about the Abbey Road crossing, I can really recommend the National Trust tours to the homes of John Lennon and Paul MacCartney.


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