Sunday, 24 April 2011

Goodbye street-art as vandalism...

JR'S intervention in Nairobi, Kenya. Image from JR's website
I wonder if the days when street-art was considered controversial are gone.

Coming to think of it, was it ever really controversial? I am not sure as the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of street-art are names and wonders of Rivera, Tamayo, Orozco... Ok. Maybe it has always been really controversial!
How do the muralists relate to contemporary street-artists? The Mexican muralists were as political as they come and I suppose the contemporary ones are not neglecting that 'requirement' either - although much of their edge is based not only on their politics but also on their anonimity. But that is also changing!

The Independent  23/Apr/11 has an article (The world's biggest gallery, by Guy Adams) discussing how this genre is changing due to the internet and its far-reaching audiences, not to mention the big cash associated with some current street-art and/or street-artists... Don't miss their amazing slide-show.

And, check out JR's work in detail on his website. Or the old and powerful Chicano Art from the 1960s. Unmissable!

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