Saturday, 30 April 2011

Preservation equipment

I don't know what I do on the internet, but I always end up at the strangest sites (anyone remember the Exhumation Service site?)! This evening I was browsing the net when I stumbled on a site that sells "preservation equipment".

PEL - giving history a future

Naturally I was eager to explore the site further to figure out what items conservators cannot live without...

Tyvek Hooded Coverall, on sale at PEL

Furthermore interesting were the Battery operated electric eraser, the Barricade Tape (always wanted to brighten up my room with some orange tape), the Water Alarm (works like a smoke detector guarding against water leakage) and the Wind up Torch (think of what you can save in batteries!).

There's also an interesting section about new developments in the preservation equipment field. Because "At Preservation Equipment Ltd we are always looking to bring the latest products and innovations to the market".

New developments are amongst others: Quake Hold Museum Putty, the Heavy Duty Awl, Book Deodorizer (but who does not love the mouldy smell of old books?) and the Ultrasonic Spot Welder (only 2,895.00 pounds!).

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