Monday, 11 June 2012

Conservation workshop: UCL conservation and Hackney Museum

Renata Peters and UCL Institute of Archaeology students Nicola Harrison, Davina Jacobi, Laura Sapsford and Kelly Schulze will give a conservation workshop at Hackney Museum on 16th June. 

The workshop will introduce material heritage conservation to Hackney residents and focus on skills that can be useful at home. Activities will include hands-on experiments. 

Wildlife in your wardrobe, by LS

Topics include:   
  • A short lecture followed by a hands-on activity focussing on how to differentiate ivory from bone and/or plastics.  
  • Wildlife in your wardrobe: controlling moth infestations at home.Terrific tips to keep your wool whole! 
  • How to repair broken pots/china.  
  • Introduction to cleaning of silver.
See more information here

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