Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tanbouli's murals in Kingsland Estate

Last few days to see Nazir Tanbouli's work on the walls of The Kingsland estate in Haggerston. The estate is about to be demolished, so hurry up!
Look out for Tanbouli's special 'anti-vandalism' technique - he makes paper templates of his figures and then sticks them on the walls.

Besides showing the amazing Tanbouli monsters, this video also shows the reactions of some of the local residents. But if you still want to know more look at his website and blog. Or go to the Art Party on 30 June!



  1. hi Naz here the murals are up and running til the building is taken down. Some of them are ephemeral and will die their own death... others will die when they are demolished. Come and see them. and check the blog and the video

  2. Hi Naz, thanks for commenting! We are very interested in documenting the 'changes' of your murals.
    Besides the physical changes we are also very interested in how the perceptions towards your work have changed and what influenced the process. We will come over to photograph.


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