Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Vandalism of a Picasso painting (on video)

You tube has a disturbing video of a man spraying a Picasso at a museum in Houston, Texas. The video is entitled 'Conquista la bestia', but I wonder who 'la bestia' truly is! The painting was rushed to the museum's conservation lab - conservation is still ongoing. 

There are suspicions on whether the vandal and video-maker have worked together. 

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Within minutes of a vandal spray painting a Pablo Picasso painting, Houston museum officials had rushed the valuable artwork into their onsite conservation lab as if it was an injured patient in need of emergency surgery. "I think that's a dramatic analogy, but I think that's apt," said Vance Muse, a spokesman for the Menil Collection, which owns the more than 80-year-old painting. The fast action increased the odds of saving the painting, Muse said. The museum's chief conservator has been working on it tirelessly since it was damaged June 13, and the restoration is going very well, he added.

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  1. There are suspicions on whether the vandal and video-maker have worked together.
    The video-maker does appear to remain suspiciously calm about the act of vandalism that appeared right in front of his nose. Calmy looking on as the vandalism takes place, calmly walking to the painting and reading the name plate next to it. It just seems rather odd...

    You might also be interested in reading this blogpost I found on the internet called Art vandalism in history. It briefly describes 5 pieces of art that have frequently been the target of vandalism, amongst which the Picasso you just mentioned.

    The one I found most interesting was the case of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. I never knew that people had done such strange things to that statue! Example: One painted it pink, another outfitted the statue with a dildo. People do the strangest things!


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