Wednesday, 6 February 2013


At the Safra Lecture Theatre
09/02/2013 (10:00-18:00)
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This Applied Arts workshop explores the interconnectedness of the production of clothing and the construction of self. The morning session focuses on approaches to making paying particular attention to its social functions. In the afternoon the papers focus on production in its historical context, examining the technical evidence as it survives from the Classical to Medieval periods. The aim of the day is to bring together a diverse audience to think about how the dress functions in terms of practical, functional and cultural elements. We are what we make and we are what we wear.

10.00 - 10.30 Registration, with tea and coffee
10.30 - 10.40 Introduction
Constructing clothing: approaches to making
10.40 - 11.20 Margarita Gleba (University College London), ‘You are what you wear: exploring evidence for Scythian dress’.
11.20 - 12.00 Ben Cartwright (University of Cambridge), ‘Making the cloth that binds us: the role of textile production in producing a sense of home’.
12.00 - 12.40 Myriem Naji (University College London), ‘Working at the loom, working on the self: gender and weaving in the Sirwa, Morocco’.
12.40 - 13.40 Lunch
The making of dress: from the Classical to Medieval periods
13.40 - 14.10 Myriem Naji’s film of the Sirwa Weavers of Morocco making the akhnif.
14.10 - 14.50 Hero Granger-Taylor, ‘Weaving clothes to shape in Classical antiquity’.
14.50 - 15.30 Ursula Rothe (The Open University), ‘Roman provincial dress: making and meaning’.
15.30 - 16.00 Tea and coffee
16.00 - 16.40 Frances Pritchard (University of Manchester), ‘Styling dress in Viking-age Dublin’.
16.40 - 17.20 Gale Owen-Crocker (University of Manchester), ‘Digging out medieval dress: the importance and limitations of archaeological evidence’.
17.20 - 17.45 Questions and conclusions
The registration fee for this workshop is £5. Please book via the King's e-store

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