Monday, 11 February 2013

JCMS: Imaging Techniques in Conservation by Emma Marie Payne

Another great article on JCMS! Here Emma Payne explores the potential uses of new imaging techniques within conservation.

Here is part of the abstract, for your delight!

"Study of such implications is crucial because employment of these imaging techniques is increasingly common and becoming irreplaceable. For example, polynomial texture mapping (PTM) has revealed previously undetectable surface features; this makes it necessary to continue to use the technique to monitor object condition. 3D laser scanning and certain applications of CT scanning are also examined. The findings indicate that the techniques present some advantages over standard digital photography. The 3D models produced by laser and CT scanning, and the high-resolution texture maps created with PTM enable changes in surface features to be tracked and recorded. PTM is found to be particularly useful and affordable. A more established role within conservation, especially for condition assessments, would be worthwhile. Use of the imaging techniques to create digital and physical models for exhibitions can also be advantageous. However, such models must be used to enhance understanding of original objects, not to reduce accessibility to them."

Read the whole article here

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