Sunday, 10 February 2013

JCMS: Architectural Conservation of an Amun Temple in Sudan - by Tracey Sweek, Julie R Anderson, Satoko Tanimoto

Take a look at 'Architectural Conservation of an Amun Temple in Sudan', a new article published by the Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies. 
T Sweek at work in Dangeil, image from JCMS

The article, written by Tracey Sweek, Julie R Anderson and Satoko Tanimoto (all from the British Museum), discusses the  excavation and conservation of a 2000 year old Amun Temple at Dangeil in Sudan. Dangeil is located to the south of the 5th Nile cataract in Sudan. In 2008, a preliminary visit was organised to intiate a conservation programme and trials to the architectural fabric of the temple, various other excavation seasons followed. 

The materials used in the temple's construction include mud brick, fired brick, lime plaster and sandstone - real challenges for conservators. Sweek discusses some of these challenges and the responses she found considering the restricted resources available. 

Click here to read the article.

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