Saturday, 12 April 2014

Anna Teresa Ronchi - The Impact of Cross-Disciplinary Conservation on Social Development 16th & 17th May at the UCL Institute of Archaeology

Anna Teresa Ronchi (Politecnico de Milano, Italy)
Community involvement in built heritage conservation: a learning tool for local

Ronchi explores the topic of community involvement in built heritage conservation, with the aim to identify the main success factors which can emphasize mutual potentialities between conservation processes and local sustainable development. A case study (the rehabilitation of the old town of Birzeit, State of Palestine) is discussed, in which the role of local communities was emphasized through various strategies, including awareness-raising campaigns, public consultations during the planning phases and direct engagement in the practice of conservation through voluntary work and professional training. In the discussion, particular relevance is given to the organisational set-up of the project, and effectiveness and sustainability of preventive conservation are highlighted.

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