Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dinah Eastop - The Impact of Cross-Disciplinary Conservation on Social Development 16th & 17th May at the UCL Institute of Archaeology

Dinah Eastop (National Archives, UK)
Learning from archives: integrating preservation and access

Eastop introduces the inter-disciplinary approach to conservation (understood as investigation, preservation and presentation) adopted at The National Archives (UK) and links it to the democratic mandate of the institution. The paper highlights the underpinning conceptual and practical approaches used to make conservation sustainable by integrating strategies for preservation and access. It demonstrates the engagement of local groups in the development of archival records, the democratic ethos of The National Archives, and how this ethos is manifested in practice. The main conclusion is that the archive sector can provide excellent models for managing cultural heritage in a way that is sustainable in environmental, social and economic terms.

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