Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Art sold as scrap metal - the empty plinth of Barbara Hepworth's 'Two Forms'

Images from the BBC website
I wonder what we should call the theft of 'Two Forms', a bronze sculpture by Barbara Hepworth,  on open display at Dulwich Park until yesterday. It has been reported that the piece was probably stolen to be sold as scrap metal! This is not only vandalism, or crime - it is got to be called something else!
Hepworth was very keen on having people interacting with her sculptures, and thought some of them looked as invitations to climb. Somehow, this makes the theft even more depressing.
I wonder how much these very clueless vandals/criminals  will make. Perhaps they were enticed by the fact the sculpture is insured for £500,000. The bad news for them is that it is only worth all that much as ART, not metal.

See more  on the BBC or  the Guardian

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