Friday, 2 December 2011

Cultural Extension or Vandalism

By H.H.

See a larger version here

This poster attempts to depict and communicate a sense of conflict, which is caused by the cultural memorial heritage and modern function of Forty-four South Village. Even if the some of the villages are conserved by the reconstruction and regeneration project of the Military Dependents’ Villages in Taiwan, the new facilities present an asymmetry phenomenon against the original significance of the heritage. And the phenomenon thus triggers the theme of the open lecture for teachers on vandalism issue.
Target audience: Senior high schools’ teachers in History or Art

 H.H. will discuss her motivations to design this poster, and her creative process below.


  1. The latest article on BBC News that I saw today somehow remind me a resonance with this project. A very nice and different perspective for thinking about vandalism and re-creation...

    Should unfinished work be left untounched?

  2. About the poster, I started with the idea naturally and mainly because I am one of the group of people called Mainlander in Taiwan. The Village I discussed here is where I grew up. Having moved out from the vallige, we tend to separate and fade into the public awareness of being Taiwanese. It is positive to be inclusive with Taiwanese culture, and we all live in it for decades and welcome it; however, it may need to be emphsised more than present condition of the losing historic bonds between these valliges and modern Taiwanese society, which represent one of the important 'stories' of our elder generations.


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