Friday, 2 December 2011

Safeguarding your local cemetery

By R.K. Burke
Raising awareness of the detrimental factors affecting cemeteries today including agents of deterioration and causes of deliberate damage. Promoting discussion and demonstrating the issues representing the concerns of the stakeholders and mourners. Recognising the significance of cemeteries as cultural heritage sites for their historic, social, architectural, and environmental values. Provide advice for local communities on developing effective management strategies for the preservation of the historic environment of cemeteries for future generations.
Target audience: Local communities, concerned stakeholders, Friends societies/charities for cemeteries, Local Authorities and interested scholars (conservators, archaeologists, local historians etc.).

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  1. R.K. Burke, I think you raise some interesting points here. It is really relevant to highlight the importance of cemeteries.
    I was wondering what you thought of the recent 'restoration' of Oscar Wilde's tomb in Paris. It looks like they have actually put the tomb inside some kind of 'shelter'.

    Sophie R. just commented on it below. "A really interesting and current example of graffiti/vandalism on a place of significance is Oscar Wilde’s tomb which was kissed and signed by those wishing to “venerate” rather than “vandalise” the tomb/Wilde. The kiss marks and graffiti have now been removed. Personally I thought that the kiss marks and graffiti added a really interesting statement from the fans of Oscar Wilde and I, dare I say it, quite liked it! (although as discussed in the video it was causing irreparable damage to the stone). It would be interesting to hear your views on the tomb and its graffiti, how you feel about the Shakespeare window and comments on my ideas in general!"


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