Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Illicit Trade of Antiquities in Cambodia

Due to the country’s history of military, colonial, and political strife, Cambodia’s Khmer art has long faced destructive looting. Legal and social awareness has recently increased, but national lack of resources, legislative loopholes, and demand in the opaque art market have caused more heritage to illicitly leave Cambodia. With a staggeringly massive percentage of unprovenanced Khmer heritage spread globally, conservators are faced with an ethical dilemma with potential legal repercussions, as well as physical and historical damage to a nation’s heritage.

This post refers to coursework done for ARCLG141 (2015-16), one of the core courses of the UCL MA  Principles of Conservation. As part of their assessed work for this course, students were asked to design and produce a poster communicating specific aspects of conservation. We hope you enjoy our work! Comments are most welcome. 

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