Friday, 18 December 2015

Vandalism or Art? A Look at Two Deliberately Damaged Vases

This poster uses two specific cases to illustrate the conflict and subtle differences between vandalism and art in the 21st century. The differences between vandalism and art seem increasingly unclear in some 21st century contexts. Conservators can only respond appropriately if they understand the subtle nuances of these differences. It aims to draw future conservators' attention to modern-day vandalism and help them think about their roles and responsibilities in this conflict.

This post refers to coursework done for ARCLG141 (2015-16), one of the core courses of the UCL MA  Principles of Conservation.
As part of their assessed work for this course, students were asked to design and produce a poster communicating specific aspects of conservation. We hope you enjoy our work! Comments are most welcome.  
The content is the sole responsibility of its author and and it may not correspond to the views of the UCL Institute of Archaeology or any of the institutions it may happen to discuss.

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