Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How Would You Conserve THIS? Issues in the Conservation of Contemporary Art

By: R.C.

Abstract: This poster focuses on the issues in the conservation of contemporary art. It attempts at giving a summarised definition of contemporary art, and to briefly explain what kind of difficulties conservators might face in the conservation of contemporary artworks. It mainly assesses the dilemma of conserving tangible and intangible values at the same time. The performance "Imponderabilia" by Abramovic and Ulay is used as a case study to provide visual evidence of the issues described.

Target Audience: The poster is specifically designed for conservators' professionals, for a conference. In addition, it can provide an informative general guideline on the conservation issues for all the professionals involved in the conservation of contemporary art process (artists/ makers, art historians, curators, journalists, private collectors and private corporations).

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